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Community for Dogs !

Community for Dogs !

WHAT ARE DOGS? Well a dog is the only thing or I must say only living being that can love you more than you love yourself. Your one deed to that being is protection and love he provides you all his life until it takes its last breathe.

We from ISTAMBHA NEPAL have initiated a pilot project named “community for dog” from 10 Oct 2017 which is planned to run for 3 months and even further if we get some support and cooperation from the community people and generous dog lovers out there. Today (11th November), it has been exactly 1 month we started this project which is going good so far. Every day we run program like feeding the dogs visiting them in their particular hubs. Collectively we feed 33 dogs in this community every day. We know the condition of these so called street dogs which should actually be called lovable loyal animal in human’s life. Nepal is home to more than 22,500 street dogs. They are commonly afflicted with injuries from collisions with cars, starvation, open sores with maggot infections, severe skin problems, and infections. Puppies especially struggle to survive in hostile environment. Also these dogs are also treated with harassments and angers. Focusing on these things we from ISTAMBHA NEPAL have been implementing different objectives for serving these community dogs ,by providing them food, treating them with vaccination, running cleaning awareness program and spaying the female dogs so that they do not multiply. We are trying to create a hub in each community which will be supporting and tracking such dogs. We hope people, who are reading this especially to dog lovers, please do consider helping us and providing us with support to treat these dogs better. They are our important member and we do have our responsibility towards them too.

November 11th: Running a survey to change the mentality of people who treat these dogs with hatred. Member of ISTAMBHA NEPAL running a joint effort to make the community people understand about our vision. Checking on each hub and feeding these lovely dogs and sharing the joy of welcoming the new born puppies. We will be running certain events each Saturday to collect help from kind people like you. And adoption is something we suggest.


-Anamika Khatri


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