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Voice for the Voiceless…

Voice for the Voiceless…

World is full of metaphors and symbols that make apparent what is hidden, if observed with care. One such indicator cab be derived from what the great Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” In that regard, the street dogs living among us as wild animals of concrete forests are perfect symbols that represent the moral progress of people inhabiting those concrete forests.

We are living in communities where hundreds of street dogs roaming all around have become invisible to us. We have gotten so used to them that we don’t even notice and, even worse, we don’t even care how those animals survive right under our noses. Is it bad or doesn’t it really matter, is the question which will surely have a divided opinion on. But, let’s try to gain the perspective of seeing them as brothers and sisters of humans belonging to the large animal family; the beings who are vocally impaired to express their emotions just like any person who is mute and deaf from birth. Now, how would you treat such a family member?

It is not an attempt to compare the disabled people with animals but to use the unique characteristics of humanity to see our fellow living beings.

It is mere luck for the animals that many of us are animal lovers and try not to treat them in an inhuman manner. And, it is also proved, by the divine efforts of some to even uplift their conditions, that we are capable of sharing with them the benefits bestowed upon us by nature.

Now, a street dogs- free community is a farfetched idea for our nation. But, we can afford to at least imagine it if we are capable of acknowledging the existence of a single among numerous stray dogs abundant on the streets outside of our homes.

With the same spark of wisdom, we have initiated a campaign to provide support to dogs of Pinglasthan area. We have joined in the selfless cause as part of our animal welfare program from 10 October 2017. Istambha Nepal will be providing fresh meal one time a day to around 30 dogs of the community.

We have envisioned starting shelter support as well as veterinary support to dogs around the area for a start. We look forward to involve youngsters like us for a rapid evolution of our small effort. For now, we just hope the dogs get their existence felt among the huge crowd of human beings so much capable of making heavenly contributions to make the world a decent place to breathe in.

-Mahesh Maharjan

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